Update: 28 Aug.

Got a full refund today.



And while I am on the subject of customer service.

I need to warn people about Echosign.com.

They provide a truly excellent service, which I used to recommend heartily, but I have had an extraordinary Customer Service experience.

I signed up, they sent two invoices by email, and I forgot about it. I did not have need of the service so I would have cancelled it if I had been receiving invoices. Eventually six months later, I was doing my accounts and spotted the recurring billing. I sent them the note below asking them to sort it out by a) cancelling my subscription and b) refunding the charges they had not invoiced for.

8 Days later, and no action.

And, it is impossible to cancel your account via their website.

And to think I recommended them to loads of people.

Hi, Can you please cancel my account immediately. I notice that I have not received an invoice from you since the 3rd of February but you have continued to merrily bill me away. If I had received invoices from you I would have cancelled my account a long time ago. You will see from the usage that I have not used it this year at all. I have recommended your service to a number of people, in fact I have raved about it to people. Right now I do not have a need for the servcie, and I am very dissappointed at the customer service I am receiving from you. I would be greatful therefore if you could not only cancel my account forthwith, but if you could refund the debits on my credit card after the last invoice received on Feb 3. I would also recommend that you put an unsubscribe button on your website. Many thanks SHane



Dell’s Chat Support

I had my first interaction with Chat based tech support and I think itis wonderful. None of that cheesy “how are you” and “getting to know you” stuff, coupled with repeating yourself to someone whose native language is not English. Instead, crystal clear communication and all over in 10 minutes. Well it would have been 10 minutes except they kept asking me if there was anything else they could fix and is there anyway the service could have been better.

They also scheduled an engineer to call tomorrow to fix it.

Incidentally, I held off getting the keys on my keyboard fixed for over a year because I could not bear the thought of a half hour tech support conversatoin.

Well done Dell.