Darkness on the edge of town….

HI Ian,

It is my favourite album and one that I have bought many times. The LP when it first came out. When this was scratched, the tape. When this was lent to someone who never gave it back, the CD. And when this was stolen from my car the week before I ripped my entire collection onto I-Tunes … I refused to buy it for the fourth time as a download. I am now trying to find a mate who will lend it to me so that I can rip it. I feel that buying it three times already gives me a license to rip it from a friend’s CD.
And once I rip it, I am going to delete Adam Raised a Cain.
I think it is the best album of all time, but it also has the worst song ever committed to vinyl by anyone ever in the Shape of Adam Raiesd A Cain.
Any chance you could lend me your CD or mail me over the songs. 🙂



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