Can you guys arrange some printing for later today

Let me introduce Hayes’s corollory to Murphy’s law, which states that “The chances of the printer running out of ink are directly proportional to whether or not you print on the morning of the presentation.”

This is based on O’Tooles corlolloray to Murphy’s Law which states that
“The chances of the toast landing buttered side down are directly proportional to the cost of the carpet”
This then gives rise to the Buttered Cat theory of levitation. It comes from this. As we know a Cat always lands on its feet, and buttered toast always lands on the butter, so if you butter the back of a cat and threw it out the window, would the cat levitate just above the ground while the two forces battled it out.
Somewhere along the line, You also get Schrodingers Cat, but I am afraid that one is a bit beyond me.
Referneces (THere from Wikipedia so I suppose I will get an F, but anyway)
S 🙂

PS, I think I will edit the Wiki entry to bring in my O’Tooles Corollory.


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