Some Excellent Thoughts on Using Facebook for Business from Social Media Examiner


Here are some of the best pieces of advice.

From their Editorial Guide
  • EVERY single wall comment gets a reply.
  • Break news or discuss controversial industry changes.
  • Delete anything that is self-promotional.
  • Post an interesting link to someone else’s article each day.
  • Make sure to post a link to our daily articles AFTER our email updates go out (to ensure email folks get the news first).
  • Regularly ask interesting (and sometimes fun) poll questions to get our fans engaged.
  • And a LOT more.

Why Facebook Works
For example, if you frequent a fan page, Facebook knows you care about that page and shows you popular posts and discussions from that fan page in your live feed, above others.  If done right, this is marketing gold!

When your Facebook page shows up in the live feed of your fans, it encourages rapid discussions and a chain reaction.  When your fans engage in those discussions, it shows up on their walls.  Their friends discover your page and your following grows.

In this regard, Facebook is like blog comments on steroids.  When people interact with your brand, you are building community.  This moves people from passive observers to advocates.  And that’s a powerful marketing weapon.


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