Do People Still Buy Daily Deals When On Vacation?

This is guest post written by Shane Hayes at

July is a big vacation month, so one of the things we were looking out for in our Siftie Data Report for July was whether or not growth would flatline, or even decline over the summer. Well the data is in for the Republic of Ireland and it shows a healthy 20% month on month growth from June to July – and a doubling from May to July.

So, either daily deal aficionados are logging on from their hotel rooms (could this be an IPad effect) or the market momentum is still huge. August, which is an even bigger vacation month, should be interesting.

Is anyone else seeing a tail off over the summer or are you still seeing strong growth? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Some other highlights from the Ireland data include:

• The market was worth €2.85 million

• 1,300 deals were offered and 94,000 vouchers were purchased.

• Groupon was up slightly in terms of sales but their market share slipped to 38%.

• Livingsocial had a good month and upped their market share to 27%. They also started a TV advertising campaign.

• “The average price paid per deal increased by a whopping 50% in two months from just under €20 in May to over €30 in July”.

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