Irish Daily Deal Market Worth €3.9 Million in July – 120K Vouchers Sold

July saw €3.9 million spent in Ireland North and South on the various Daily Deal sites such as Groupon (previously known as CityDeal), Livingsocial and GrabOne, an increase of over 100%  on two months earlier.

There were nearly 120,000 Individual deals bought in July which represents a near doubling from May. The average price paid per deal increased by a whopping 50% from just under €20 in may to over €30 in July.

The fact that the market continued to increase in July, traditionally a big holiday month, indicates that the Daily Deal phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.

July also saw the second  full month of activity by GrabOne, the newcomer from the INM (Independent News & Media stable) and it would seem that a rising tide does indeed lift all boats – or at least the entry of a traditional media behemoth has had the effect of boosting sales across the board. GrabOne’s performance was nothing short of incredible. They sold €230K worth of vouchers in the month to give them around 6% of the market Island wide. We expect them to launch in Belfast shortly.

The other big beneficiaries in the month were Groupon AKA CityDeal and Livingsocial. Groupon increased their All Island revenues to over €2 Million for a 53% market share. Livingsocial had a good month also increasing its sales to €837K which gives it 22% of the market.

Ireland also saw a number of new Daily Deal sites over the last number of months including SmartSearch who focus on Galway at the moment, Grouple who are part of TopFlight and naturally enough focus on travel, TodayFM Deals of radio station fame and EasonOffers who are powered by Gruupy. Eason Offers is similar to Gruupy and different from most other players in that they do physical fulfilment. That is, they send you something in the post when you buy, rather than sending you a voucher by email that you redeem at a merchant. The newest entry is Foffit who launched recently in Cork and are backed by GBO, a company that has years of experience arranging employee discounts.

The entry of TodayFM, part of Denis O’Brien’s CommuniCorp is interesting. It will be interesting to see how successful TodayFM Deals is, as, unlike the Independent with GrabOne, they cannot draw on the expertise of a sister company to kick-start their operation.

RTE also dipped their toe into the space by “white labelling” Pigsback Megadeals. To date the exposure on the site is quite limited, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. It will also be interesting to see if the entry of RTE and TodayFM into the space is followed by the remainder of the other large Traditional Media players in Ireland such as The Irish Times and Thomas Crosby Holdings (owners of the Examiner and the Sunday Business Post).

GrabOne is a joint venture between Independent News and Media and its Australian Division APN. GrabOne was one of the first Groupon clones to get going in Australia and New Zealand and has been very successful.

The data presented here is based on Siftie’s analysis of Daily Deals offered in the marketplace and reflects Siftie’s best estimates.

For further information on the Daily Deals space, please feel free to contact Shane Hayes at or on 086 232 2360..


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