Republic of Ireland Daily Deal Market Worth €10 Million in Three months to August – 325K Vouchers Sold

In the three months to the end of August €10 million was spent in the Republic of Ireland on the various Daily Deal sites such as Groupon Pigsback and GrabOne. So says Shane Hayes, CEO of the leading Irish Daily Deal aggregation service,,

Sift. ie provides a free service to its users who receive just ONE “sifted” email that summarises only the deals a subscriber is interested in. They maintain a database of all Daily Deals offered in Ireland and the UK.

Hayes continues. “August was a particularly strong month with €4.4million worth of vouchers sold representing a 35% increase on July which in turn was a 27% increase on June.”

The fact that the market grew strongly over the traditional holiday months of July and August, indicates that the Daily Deal phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.  “Maybe people are browsing Daily Deal sites on their “Staycations” rather than living it up on the beach in Spain,” comments Hayes.

The best performance in the month came from Groupon, formerly known as Citydeal. Their gross revenues increased to €2.3 million and they increased their market share to 52%. Rumours abound that one of the reason’s Groupon pulled their IPO was due to trading difficulties. “We are certainly not seeing any trading difficulties for Groupon in Ireland where they increased their sales by over 50% month to month,” says Hayes.” “Similarly, in the UK, the July data showed them trouncing the opposition with a 77% market share,” continues Hayes.

Local providers Grabone and Pigsback also performed strongly. GrabOne launched in Belfast in August also.

With regard to what people are spending their money on, Health and Beauty was the top category accounting for €1.5 million in August and 34% of total spend. An interesting development was that Travel and Accommodation dropped from €650K in July to just shy of €500K in August. “Maybe people were Staycationed out?” says Hayes. “Having said that, hotels continued as the most popular individual sub category with 11% of the market.

Of the top twenty deals, the most significant was a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course. The same course was offered by two providers and between the two sold €125K and nearly 1500 individual vouchers. “The popularity of a TEFL course is an indication that the recession is still biting and that people are preparing to emigrate,” says Hayes. “Each of those 1500 TEFL Course vouchers probably represent a family waving goodbye to a loved one at a departure gate.”

The data presented here is based on Siftie’s analysis of Daily Deals offered in the marketplace and reflects Siftie’s best estimates.

For further information on the Daily Deals space, please feel free to contact Shane Hayes at or on 086 232 2360..


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