Bring Back Alan Dukes to Lead A Government of National Unity – Again


The concept of a government of national unity has been floated in various quarters, however, there is related question that needs to be answered before this idea can gain real traction. That is, “who should lead this Government of National Unity. To me, the answer is obvious. We should put the same person in charge as was in charge of our Previous Government of national Unity. I refer of course to Alan Dukes.

For those not familiar with the 1980s, Alan Dukes was the Fine Gael leader who implemented the Tallaght Strategy whereby Fine Gael would support the Fianna Fail government as it implemented unpopular measures required to stabilise the economy, and indeed, lay the foundations for future prosperity.

So here is the plan. Fine Gael put Alan Dukes on the ticket for the Dublin South by-election. Enda Kenny moves aside and becomes Fine Gael’s prospective Presidential Election candidate while Dukes takes over as leader. The current president then calls for a government of national unity.

Now if we could only get Ray McSharry to run in the Dublin Central by-election and take the role of Minister for Finance…

Shane Hayes
Co. Dublin