Google: The Average Traveller Spends 6.7 weeks Searching the Web

Interesting quote from the Shearwater Blog

 Google research found that the average traveller spends 6.7 weeks searching the web and performs 8.1 travel related searches before booking.

This certainly chimes with what we think with regard to the difficulties in finding vacation rentals.



Travel Inspiration and the Bow Tie Revenue Model for Arilines

Over at the Shearwater blog, (innovation and ancilliary revenue for airlines), Martin Collings has come up with the Bow Tie model to describe how travel inspiration feeds into airline ticket purchases and and sales of ancilliary products.

It is a good read. I recommend it.

He has done some research and reckons that the average lead time for an air ticket purchase for a vacation destination is 80 odd days, and that for rental cars and the like is 7.